A full-time professional voice over coach, voice actor, Founder and President of VO Peeps, social media consultant, producer, and a total geek girl, Anne Ganguzza is passionate, enthusiastic, and energetic when it comes to all things voice over. Located in Orange County, California, Anne is described as believable, professional, warm, friendly and with a warm personality, and has no problem bringing all her students to work with her.

Her experience includes voices for commercials, industrial and corporate narrations, medical narrations, e-learning and online learning, Award and Promotional Theater Broadcasts, infomercials, Telephony and On Hold Messaging, Audio Books, Live Awards Ceremonies, and many more. Some of her clients include Wells Fargo, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Panasonic, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Microsoft, T2 Biosystems, PBS, and many more.

Being a business strategist/mentor and popular voice over coach, she has worked with a large number of continuing educational institutions, independent clients, and universities since 2009. Anne is known to regularly address and present on topics including emerging technologies, branding, voice over, business, and social media. She has over 20 years’ experience in educational and corporate IT training, and many years of experience in public speaking under her belt. She is known to be an exceptionally clear and concise speaker, with the capability to make any difficult script quite easy to understand.

Ganguzza’s undeniable passion for voice over and sharing her knowledge with other people inspired her to create a global meetup platform for up and coming voiceover artists known as VO Peeps. The group quickly gained popularity with its online presence and attracted the attention of many people across the world. The platform broke down the traditional barriers of groups meeting locally when it realized the tremendous advantages of sharing and disseminating resources and information globally and extended its membership to the global online community. In addition to creating online networking opportunities, Anne uses online workshops and live streaming technologies to provide members of her online platform with educational initiatives to grow their voice over skills and also enhance their business models. She also founded the VO Peeps Career Education Scholarship Fund, which has given over $25000 to aid members of the voice over community since it was founded in 2012.

Anne is currently a board member at Large of the LA/Orange County Chapter of the Media Communications Association-international, an active member of the World Voices Organization, and a member of the Media Communications Association-international.